KDS Consulting & Design, Inc

"Eddie Van Halen can play the hell out of a guitar, but somebody else designs and builds them."

- Ken Schimpf, RestaurantReport.com


"I am a restaurant owner and have worked with Ken Schimpf and KDS Consulting for over ten years. Ken has designed many professional kitchens for me in several world-class chef driven restaurants. Ken is very knowledgeable about the chef's process, work-flow, equipment and he stays current with the latest technologies. Ken speaks the "chef's language" which is a huge time and money saver in the end. I highly recommend Ken and KDS for any project. I will not build any restaurant project without engaging him and his team."

Douglas Friedman
Owner, Builder and Operator at Edie Jo's

"Ken possesses an enormous amount of technical knowledge about equipment, kitchen layout and the complete workings of a restaurant. (He spent decades working - bartending to GM-ing - in some of NYC's best restaurants so his education is first hand.) But beyond the technical skill Ken is a bit of an artist. For my project he went into a creative cocoon, during which he once called me at 2 AM to ask a very detailed question. He emerged with a brilliant approach to a challenging space - one that made total sense with the design of the rest of the building. As a result the kitchen has become the integrated heart of the restaurant"

Michael Landgarten

Owner of Bob's Clam Hut & Robert's Maine Grill & Market, Kittery, Maine


About Ken Schimpf

Ken is the founder of KDS Consulting & Design, Inc., a firm specializing in commercial food service design and consultation.  With 43 years of experience in the food service industry, he has been involved in virtually every area of operations, both front and back of the house.  This practical background is utilized in optimizing efficiency in all his designs.

KDS has been fortunate to contribute to projects throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Europe.  This has established KDS as one of the leading consulting design firms in the US.  Projects fill the spectrum from small independent restaurants to large multi-venue resorts, culinary schools, and more.  The average annual volume of equipment specified exceeds $12,000,000.

Prior to creating KDS, Mr. Schimpf was Director of Design at Pascoe-Jacobs Associates, Inc. (formerly Howard Pascoe Associates).  He was a principal of the firm, which he joined in 1996.  As Director of Design, Ken helped develop Pascoe-Jacobs as the premier design/build firm in New York City.

All phases of design will be coordinated through and administered by Ken.  Ken performs all schematic designs. All client contact is with Ken.