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Michael Landgarten Wrote:

"Ken Schimpf is a terrific kitchen designer. I think he’s probably as skilled as it gets out there. But there’s more to him than even that.

First the kitchen design. Ken possesses an enormous amount of technical knowledge about equipment, kitchen layout and the complete workings of a restaurant. (He spent decades working — bartending to GM-ing – in some of NYC’s best restaurants so his education is first hand.) But beyond the technical skill Ken is a bit of an artist. For my project he went into a creative cocoon, during which he once called me at 2 AM to ask a very detailed question. He emerged with a brilliant approach to a challenging space — one that made total sense with the design of the rest of the building. As a result the kitchen has become the integrated heart of the restaurant

Yet there’s more than that to what Ken offers. Ken is a great contributor and resource for developing and refining all aspects of restaurant concepts because his knowledge is so broad and his passion so great for this work. Ken’s investment in his client’s endeavors is that complete."

Michael Landgarten, Owner of Bob’s Clam Hut & Robert’s Maine Grill & Market, Kittery, Maine

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